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Glow for FB is an app with only few options — to reduce complexity. If you should have specific questions, feel free to write a mail to We care!

Below you will find some frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the answers, that should help you troubleshooting Glow for FB.

Important: Menu icon stays grey?

If you're experiencing that Glow for FB does not succeed in logging in to your Facebook account, that is, if the menu icon stays grey, then be assured: We've already sent an update to the Mac AppStore team. However the update might take up to 4 weeks to be approved. If you do not want to wait that long, download the BETA version 1.0.5b here: Glow for FB (1.0.5b). This beta version should fix the misbehavior. The beta expires on May 1st.
The issue seems to affect all Facebook users that have secured browsing enabled in the account settings.

  1. What is the intent of Glow for FB?

    Glow for FB has been developed to reduce your Facebook checking cycle and increase your productivity while sitting in front of your Mac by notifying you if there are any news on your Facebook account.

  2. Why do I have to install a Facebook app to use Glow for FB?

    In order to notify you about news on Facebook, Glow for FB needs to connect to your profile. Facebook provides an interface to enable third party applications (like Glow for FB) to communicate with and integrate into your social experience. The Glow Activator app on Facebook is the interface between Facebook and Glow for FB. Without installing the app, Glow for FB can not read from your notification data.

  3. I do not want to permit Glow for FB to read from my inbox.

    If you do not want Glow for FB to read from your Facebook profile, you can not use Glow for FB at the moment. Reading from your inbox, from your friend requests, or from your general notifications is not that dangerous. Glow for FB uses the „HTTP Secure“ protocol to transmit data securily from Facebook to your Mac.
    Besides, Glow for FB does not collect any of your personal data. We don't make use of them and we never will. This is why Glow for FB is not for free. In order to prove that, you can use a firewall and monitor the network communication of Glow for FB. Glow for FB will only connect to the Facebook server and will never connect to any other server to store any data about you, period.

  4. I do not want to permit Glow for FB to read from my general notifications.

    See above.

  5. I do not want to permit Glow for FB to read from my friend requests.

    See above.

  6. I do not like the sound when new notifications arrive.

    You can disable the sound in the settings by clicking on the Glow for FB icon in the menu bar.

  7. The 'Mark all as read' menu entry does not always show up!

    Currently, only general Notifications (Likes, Comments, etc.) can be marked as read using the Facebook Application Programming Interface (API). That is, there is no possibility to mark a message or a friend request as read directly from Glow for FB. And that is why the 'Mark all as read' menu item only will show up if you currently have only new general Notification(s).

  8. I want GROWL Support!

    Integrating Growl (which has been part of the app during the Beta version) is not that easy: Apple's policies on how to build App Store applications constrain the possibilities to interact with other applications (i.e. Growl). But we are currently working on that!

  9. I want another feature.

    Glow for FB is very simple and this is why it is that successful. We do not plan to add many other features in the future, but we do have a roadmap. Feel free to submit your ideas to

  10. Glow for FB is not available in my language.

    If you would like to help us translating our app, feel free to contact us:

  11. I want Glow for FB to start automatically when I login to my Mac

    You can easily add Glow for FB to your start up items. Click here to show the step-by-step guide.
    Here you will find a good introduction on how to do that.

  1. What can I do if Glow for FB does not work?

    Make sure the following requirements are met:
    1. You have installed Mac OS Mountain (10.8). OS X 10.8 is installed if you the Notification Center in the upper right corner of your Mac.
    2. Your internet connection is working properly.
    3. You do not have running a firewall or if you do, you have allowed Glow for FB to connect to the internet (!).
    4. You have permitted Glow for FB to read at least from one of (1) your general notifications, (2) your inbox or (3) your friend requests in the Facebook Authentication dialogue.
    5. You have installed the latest version of Glow for FB. Check the Updates section in the Mac App Store.
    6. You have properly bought Glow for FB in the App Store.

    If Glow for FB won't shows up your notifications, just try to restart the app.
    If all of these tips did not help, please contact